Graanpletterij De Halm (The De Halm grain crushing plant) was established in 1977 with the aim of processing organic grains grown on Dutch soil. De Halm can therefore justifiably be called one of the founders of the production of organic grains, cereal flakes and mueslis.

Farmers grow our products using environmentally friendly methods. This means that the farmers do not use any synthetic chemical pesticides, insecticides or artificial fertiliser. Both the suppliers and De Halm itself are regularly inspected by Skal, the organisation that controls organic production methods, and which awards us the EKO hallmark

The grain is cleaned, husked and flattened making it suitable for human consumption. As far as possible, grain grown in the Netherlands is processed (on condition of course that it can be grown in this country).

This was a deliberate choice for the reasons given below.

  • The checks for compliance with the regulations are the shortest and the simplest.
  • In this way as little energy as possible is wasted
  • The impact on the environment is kept to a minimum
  • By processing grain grown in this country, De Halm contributes to the viability of Dutch organic agriculture